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Are you struggling with weight loss?

Are you Stressed and Lacking Energy, surviving on sugar to get you through the day? Do you feel guilty about your food choices and suffer from low mood and find it difficult to stay focused or lack concentration mid-afternoon?

I have been there myself, my diet used to be very poor, highly processed and I consumed a LOT of sugar! I was suffering from depression and anxiety and was an exhausted mum of three under 5. I tried various diets and they worked for a few weeks but were unsustainable long term. A common story for so many people. That diet treadmill is a horrible cycle to be stuck in. I was fed up feeling this way so I made the choice to researched how to help improve my depression and anxiety without medication. It became very clear that nutrition played a massive roll in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety and depression. I started my journey by eating clean, cutting all processed food and sugar from my diet. I felt amazing, strong and above all HAPPY. I managed to help myself through self-care and love. I nourished my body with everything it deserved. I was so passionate about how wonderful I felt I wanted to support others through their own struggles and help them make positive changes to their diet and lifestyle. I knew I could do this because I had gone through the changes myself. I 100% do not view this type of eating as a diet but as a lifestyle approach to food. Read some of my client success stories here.

My plans are based on whole foods which will help you to naturally detox from sugar. You will feel amazing really quickly, you will have increased energy, improved mood and best of all you will have freedom from the horrible grips of sugar addiction. I firmly believe that leading a healthy balanced life is down to more than just the food that we eat. It’s important to understand that other aspects of our life can have a detrimental effect on our food choices. So while we focus on improving your diet we will also work together on your self-care, some of these examples are listed below.

I can guide you through a simple, step-by-step process so you can
look better, feel better and live better! 

What You Will Learn

depending on the plan you choose.

  • Understanding Sugar Cravings

    and why your cravings are not your fault.

    Cravings are something all of us struggle with at times, so you’re not alone. The better you understand your cravings, the more equipped you will be to deal with them constructively.

  • Why diets don’t work

    and what does

    Learn why one diet doesn’t work for everyone, how to focus on adding in  instead of restricting, why your yo-yo diet journey isn’t your fault
    and s
    imple solutions you can start with right away

  • Exercise tips

    to maximise results

    Getting started with exercise, Common roadblocks to exercise with simple solutions to stay focused and how to bust through a weight loss plateau

  • Why it’s not just about

    food and exercise

    What nourishes you on a deeper level, why eating can fill a void and what to do, life balance; what is it and how to improve it 

  • Mindful eating

    and portion control

    Discover ways to get a better handle on portion control and mindful eating and how it can help with weight loss

  • Planning for success

    to support weight loss

    Planning ahead can help you lose weight, how to save time, money & calories, quick prep and cooking tips and ideas for planning for busy weeks

  • Stress reduction

    and self-care

    How stress can affect weight loss, how to get control over your schedule and simple ways to reduce stress and take care of  YOU

  • Supercharged Goal Setting

    for Success

    How to get crystal clear on your goals, determine if your goals are right for you and how to put your plans in place

  • Mind-set and Habits for

    Powerful Results

    Evaluating the auto-pilot habits that may be preventing you from reaching your goals and how even the smallest habits, over time, can help or hinder success

  • Deciphering Food Labels

    and Eat more REAL FOOD

    Learn how to read food labels and become your own food detective.  Food labels usually read more like a list from a science experiment than a list of ingredients we actually recognise.

  • Food and Habits

    to boost energy

    Discover which foods and habits are either supporting your energy levels or depleting them. Learn some great ideas to help you feel more energetic.

  • Fuelling Your Body

    Why What We Eat Matters

    The foods you eat can have a DRAMATIC impact on how you look and feel, your mood, energy levels, skin, hair as well as how YOU age.

Pick Your Perfect Plan

4 Week Sugar Detox Plan
2 One to One Coaching Sessions 4 Weeks Email Support
7-Day Meal Plan
Learn Why Diets Don’t Work
Overcoming Sugar Addiction
How to Decipher Food Labels
Manage Portion Control & Mindful Eating
8 Week Weight Loss Plan
4 One to One Coaching Sessions 8 Weeks Email Support
7-Day Meal Plan
Learn Why Diets Don’t Work
Overcoming Sugar Addiction
How to Decipher Food Labels
Manage Portion Control & Mindful Eating
Goal Setting
Menu Planning for Success
Exercise Strategies to Maximise Results
Stress Management & Self-Care
12 Week Weight Loss Plan
6 One to One Coaching Sessions 12 Weeks Email Support
7-Day Meal Plan
Learn Why Diets Don’t Work
Overcoming Sugar Addiction
How to Decipher Food Labels
Manage Portion Control & Mindful Eating
Goal Setting
Menu Planning for Success
Exercise Strategies to Maximise Results
Stress Management & Self-Care
Food Habits to Improve Energy Mindset & Habits for Powerful results
Fuelling your Body
Learn Why it is Not Just About Your Diet.

Client Testimonials

Realistic approach to weight loss

“Christy is friendly, professional and has a realistic approach to weight loss. She and immediately put me at ease during our initial consultation, in which she covered my goals, and then she gave me a weeks meal plan. The recipes were great, and she’d listened to what I said about the food I like, and… Read more “Realistic approach to weight loss”

Annie Faith

I love this way of eating

“Just over 12 weeks ago I found an advert and article about Christy – Lose it and Love it, in a local publication. I read it with interest because I felt I really needed help. I was vastly overweight and had tried everything. At the moment I picked up the phone and left a message… Read more “I love this way of eating”

Angela Devine

I have so much energy

“Christy…after just under a week, I cannot begin to tell you how much better I feel, I have so much energy and not experiencing the 3pm slump! Thank you so much! I never thought I’d be able to not pinch at the bad stuff but it doesn’t even bother me. All the meals so far… Read more “I have so much energy”

Francesca Rossi

I feel like me again

As a fitness instructor, I have always strived to have a healthy balance to exercise and food. But last year, I was admitted to hospital with abdominal pains and after exploratory surgery, I woke with the news that they had removed half my bowel and that they were sure I had bowel cancer. Fortunately for… Read more “I feel like me again”

Mandi Fraser

It is the best decision I have made in years

“I have followed every diet under the sun and my weight has gone up and down for years. No matter which diet I was on I always wanted to reach my goal weight so that I could stop starving myself! As soon as I came off the diet the pounds piled on again. Now I… Read more “It is the best decision I have made in years”

Moira Park

Support sessions enable you to refocus

“I had always regarded myself as a healthy eater. Like most I don’t eat many processed foods and had the occasional treat, or so I thought! Christy reviewed my diet and habits and created my own personal eating plan based on my likes and dislikes. The plan was difficult to begin with as I was… Read more “Support sessions enable you to refocus”

Karen Bolton




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