Summer Body Ready

Summer Body Ready

Wooohooooo! Summer is in sight at last, it’s been a long time coming. If you are doubtful of a nice summer is Scotland and have booked a holiday abroad then lucky you.

This time of year sadly fills some people with dread and panic if they don’t feel ‘beach body ready’ Firstly if you have a body you are beach ready, don’t obsess about how you look and just love the skin you are in. The most important way to overcome this is to love yourself. How do I do this you ask? Well, tr…eat your body with respect, give it what it needs, nourish yourself with good balanced nutrition, drink lots of water and do some exercise. Your body will thank you in time if you invest in it.

You want to feel good from the inside out, let your skin glow, burst with energy and feel the endorphins running through your body. We have all felt the effects of doing a crash diet, it’s pretty awful let’s be honest, you might drop a few pounds but for overall health that’s about it! Don’t focus on what the scales say, focus on how you feel.
Do the right thing for you and your body and learn how to eat the right foods for lasting health benefits.

I can help you achieve all of the above.

Every single client says the exact same thing “I know what I should be eating”. So where is everyone going wrong and where do I come in? Well, I evaluate all areas of your diet and routine and advice on quick simple changes to get you started, I design a fully personalised meal plan with all recipes available on my website, we look at goals, work hard together to create positive eating habits that are simple and WILL last a lifetime BUT most importantly I coach, encourage and motivate every single step of the way. I give you the much need accountability to succeed.

If you think a plan with full private coaching and support is something you believe will help you or you wish to have a chat with me to find out a little more then please book a free consultation with me at a time that suits you.