Incredible 9 stone weight loss

Incredible 9 stone weight loss

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Angela got in touch with me in April 2016 about her concerns over her current weight and its effects on her health and wellbeing. Angela had reached a point in her life where she found climbing a flight of stairs near impossible causing breathlessness and painful joints. Angela truly believed her weight had reached a point that her only hope would be weight loss surgery and for obvious reasons Angela was scared to go down that road. Being fully aware of the risks of such a procedure led Angela to research alternative weight loss plans which led her to Lose It and Love It. Offering not just a weight loss plan but full one to one support that appealed to Angela.

Having lost a significant amount of weight in the past following a highly restrictive diet Angela knew she had it in her to do it again but wanted to do it the healthy way. The result of losing a lot of weight and regaining it again made Angela nervous about her abilities to follow the plan and feared that she would fail, letting herself and her family down. Hearing Angela speak this way saddened me because I could really see how desperate she was to make the plan work and to lose this weight once and for all.

After we had our first chat I was confident that she would succeed with my help. This time Angela wanted to follow a plan that would fit with her lifestyle, which was full of whole foods with no fad quick fixes. Angela wanted to lose the weight forever, never going back to old habits and making this a massive lifestyle change.

During Angela’s first consultation we discussed in detail her weight history and I established her current eating habits. I ask clients’ to be honest with me about their food choices so I can get a good understanding of their diet which then gives me the tools to help create new positive eating habits, a routine around food and for many regain control of their eating. I was fully aware that Angela was scared, nervous and had so many mixed emotions about starting another weight loss plan as so many had failed to make lasting changes in the past. Reassuring Angela that I would be there every step of the way, taking one day and one pesky pound at a time helped Angela gain the confidence she needed to look forward to her new healthy life and not backwards.

I created a meal plan based on her food likes and dislikes. Angela took to this plan like a duck to water. The weight started to drop within the first couple of weeks, with that Angela had more energy and her mood was starting to improve. Re-educating Angela on the balance of all the key nutrients ensured that Angela now has the confidence and knowledge to make this a lifestyle change as opposed to another quick fix. This is where it had gone so wrong for Angela in the past. The reason this plan works is that it is fully tailored to Angela. One size fits all approach in the diet industry doesn’t work in my opinion, what works for one person may not work for another. I have been able to work with Angela tweaking her plan as we have gone along, making adjustments where necessary.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE, Angela has lost a whopping 135lbs, 8 stone 9lbs or 61kg depending how you look at it!! This is a life changing amount of weight to lose. Angela has dropped this phenomenal amount of weight through healthy food choices, cutting sugar, with no magic pills and potions, no meal replacements, no fads and MORE importantly NO SURGERY.

Remember when I said Angela couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs, well now this super woman is working with Suzanne a Personal Trainer at SK Fitness, training at 6am in the morning doing a mix of cardio and strength training. The exercises that Angela is doing is complimenting her current diet ensuring she continues to burn calories while keeping her heart healthy, not to mention the feel-good factor you get after a good workout.

Angela’s weight loss journey hasn’t been smooth sailing with some real highs and some lows but I have been there coaching, supporting and encouraging Angela every step of the way.

To say I am so proud of Angela and what she has achieved would be an understatement. This beautiful woman inside and out is a true inspiration to anyone who wants or needs to make big changes to their diet and lifestyle. No matter how big that mountain seems, she is absolute proof it can be done. Don’t give up on yourself, it’s never too late to make some really positive changes to your diet. Angela has reached her result through her own determination, consistency and 100% commitment to the plan. Her hard work has paid off big time.

I am now confident that Angela will continue to lose weight until she reaches her goal and I am even more confident that she will maintain her weight going forward. I truly feel privileged to have shared this journey with Angela and I wish her all the success in the world.

“This is a journey I started 15 months ago and it will continue for a good while yet because I have a way to go.  This I understand and the life changes I am making will carry me forward. All of this is due to the unwavering knowledgeable expert support of Christy. At the beginning, as Christy described I was at a crossroads and actually didn’t know where to go. During the last 15 months Christy has supported me to move away from my comfort and what I thought was security and step into what at the time was unknown and uncharted……as well as scary! I see that now as Christy walking with me to Liberation. I know she will continue to walk by me in liberating myself from my dreadful relationship with food. I just love it and I’m losing it”
Angela Devine