Hydrate to Lose Weight

Hydrate to Lose Weight


If you are looking to lose weight or improve your overall health, drinking plenty of water is the best place to start.

Keeping yourself well hydrated is an integral part of life, our brain requires water to function properly, and drinking a glass of water can increase brain function by 14%, so keeping yourself well hydrated at work or while studying can make a big difference to your performance.1-IMG_4777

Swap to Water

Replacing high calorie drinks for water can aid in weight loss, if you struggle with consuming water due to lack of flavour, you can infuse your water with lemon, lime or berries, this adds flavour and makes water look more appealing to drink.

How much water?

The average person should be aiming for a minimum of 8 glasses a day which is 2 litres. However if you undertake in any sporting activities I recommend you increase your fluid intake to replace the fluids lost during exercise


Dehydration can mimic the symptoms of hunger, I always recommend that when you star t flagging and reaching for that snack, be mindful that you could be dehydrated and only require a drink of water.

Water Retention

Drinking plenty of water is ironically one of the best ways to rid your body of excess water. Drinking plenty of water and reducing your sodium intake will help flush out toxins and waste.

Tips for drinking more water

  1. When you waken in the morning from your overnight fast, drink a glass of water, this will kick start your brain function by hydrating your body, regular intake of water increases your metabolic rate and can improve your digestive system.
  2. There are plenty of water bottles available that can measure your water intake, this can be useful if you lose track or find it difficult to keep on top of your water intake when on the move!
  3. Staying hydrated doesn’t just have to come from drinking water, plenty of fruits and veg contain lots of water for example watermelon, cucumbers and sweet peppers.
  4. Drinking a small glass of water prior to every meal can stop you overeating by making you feel fuller.
All that leaves me to say is drink up!!!