Morning Routines for Optimising Weight Loss

Morning Routines for Optimising Weight Loss


I spoke recently about the importance of having structure and routine in your life especially during these difficult times. With so much uncertainty about what lies ahead, it can become overwhelming, frustrating and for some of us a frightening situation. I’m encouraging as many people as possible to regain a bit of control in their life by working on their health and wellbeing. Ultimately this is the ONE thing you can control at the moment. It won’t make Covid disappear (unfortunately) or reduce your risk of catching it. It also won’t take away the stress around mental wellbeing health or money worries but it will make you feel mentally and physically stronger to deal with what lies ahead! (whatever that might be, who knows!!)

If you are working towards achieving that perfect figure (spoiler, it doesn’t exist) or meeting your weight loss targets, morning time would be the most ideal time for going about it. This is when the body is fresh and full of energy and is capable of taking up some physical activity. Further, taking care of weight loss regime in the morning is far better than lingering it to the evening as it is only likely that your hectic schedule would make you skip it. For me personally, the longer I have to talk myself out of doing the exercise the likely hood is that I will not do it.

Now that you are more aware that morning is the best time in your endeavors to lose weight, here are a few morning routines that can help you meet your weight loss goals.

  • The sun

Going back right to the basics, the Sun forms an important part of your morning routines. It is essential to get some sunlight early in the morning. This basically sets up the body clock for the rest of the day and keeps you going. People who get sun’s rays for 20-30 minutes in the morning hours have shown lower BMI than the others who do not. Besides, a little exposure to the sun also helps you in setting your sleep cycles and streamlining your schedule. Vitamin D has also been recommended in the fight against Covid. I live in Scotland where the sun doesn’t always appear but getting outdoors has plenty of benefits and often the sun pops out to say hello.

  • Breakfast

While you might not think beyond coffee when it comes to having breakfast, you definitely need to reconsider your choices. Make sure to include at least 35 grams of proteins in your breakfast. This is because your body takes more time to work on and metabolise the proteins, which in turn would make you less hungry during the day, thus helping you in avoiding overeating, and ultimately maintaining the weight. Fasting is something I do and don’t eat my breakfast until 11am at the earliest. Fasting has lots of benefits so incorporating this into your lifestyle can really help regulate your weight and even your hormones.

  • Concentration

During the day, our mind remains busy and occupied with a number of different issues that need our attention. In this context, it is best to take a few moments out of the morning schedule for yourself and try to calm your mind down. Yes, physical exercises do contribute a lot to managing weight but are just not enough. A more focused approach is required to shed pounds. It is thus highly recommended to start your day with meditation in order to stabilise your mind and emotions and focus on your breath. Emotional eating is a massive issue with many of my clients so learning to be present and calm the mind can really help.

  • Yoga

Many celebrities practice yoga. Jennifer Aniston is one of them. This is all due to the fact that yoga can indeed help you in losing weight. Yoga not only revitalises your body but also makes your mind focus and calms your breathing. This helps you work the entire day with full vigor along with bringing your weight loss goals to fruition. However, care should be taken that you are performing the right set of exercises and postures. It is highly recommended to take help of professionals if required.

  • Walking

Apart from doing yoga or hitting the gym, there are other natural ways to lose weight. Have you considered taking a morning walk or jog? It is a natural remedy and proves to be very effective. It gets you fresh air while you are out walking. However, if you are busy and don’t have time to walk, you could choose to walk to your place of work or climb stairs instead of taking an escalator. Your steps will soon add up throughout the day.

  • Green tea

Green tea has a dramatic effect on your body. It has shown very fast and positive results in the field of weight loss. Apart from that, it also works by keeping your heart healthy and safe. Yes, you might not like the taste of the beverage, mainly because of its flavourless nature, but you could try some other means to make it slightly better to digest. For instance, you could add some lime or a pinch of Himalayan salt to make it easier to be consumed.

Over to You

Now you know, the morning hours can prove to be extremely useful for your body and maintaining a healthy weight. Mornings are when the body is fit and energetic owing to a whole night of sleep and a lack of physical activity. 

It’s time to make the best use of mornings in order to go a long way in optimising your weight loss. Just remember though, the efforts made in the morning should be backed by suitable activities and good food choices during the day as well for best results.

Weight loss can be very hard for some people due to lots of external factors. Emotional eating, stress, confusion around nutrition, poor sleep, lack of movement are just some of the areas that can affect your ability to lose weight and stick with your lifestyle goals long term. 

I can help you stay focused on your weight loss goals with a personalised meal plan, lots of delicious recipes, 8 to 12 weeks of self-care modules and tasks to work through together. I will motivate you and keep you accountable. If you want to stop yo-yo dieting, regain control then now is the time. I would love to help and guide you through it. 

You can read more about my 8 week and 12-week coaching plans here

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Have a wonderful week.

Christy xx