“I contacted Christy in January at my wit’s end and she was kind and supportive taking me through lots of little steps and explaining “diet” things over the years that haven’t helped me. I made small changes and the difference was incredible. Getting sugar out of my system was hard and it felt dreadful but oh my I felt unbelievable, I was sleeping better, had much more energy and people kept commenting on how I was looking.

I had lots on over my initial period and Christy talked me through nights out, weekends away, holidays and how to get right back in track. Her plans aren’t hard they are sensible and her support is so so important.
I have a long way to go but she keeps me motivated and telling me I’ll get there and I believe her. I think that’s a huge thing, she is approachable and you can put your trust in her and that’s invaluable.
You won’t regret logging on and picking up that phone.”

Samantha Sharp

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Christy xx

Press Success

Press Success

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A BURLESQUE dancer is back in shape and recovering from ill health thanks to an award-winning nutritionist. Kelly Rix, who runs a class in Kilmacolm, turned to Christy Hyslop, who the Tele featured recently, to help her get her eating habits in order. Mum Kelly, who encourages women to empower themselves through her dance and keep fit class, went to Christy for help because she wanted to lose pounds after having her third baby.

She later fell ill and ended up in hospital and believes Christy’s nutritional advice helped speed up her recovery. Kelly, 38, who launched her class in the Kilmacolm Community Centre last year, said: “Christy has changed the way I think about my diet and I can’t thank her enough. “I kept hearing about her plans and I thought I would give it a go.  “I had the fitness right but I knew I wasn’t eating the right food.” Months after giving birth to son Cody, Kelly managed to lose a stone. But she said: “I feel so much better all round. I  became quite unwell and ended up in hospital. I had to go in to get a gall bladder operation. “Everyone around me was so unwell. But I was surrounded by fruit thanks to Christy’s influence and I felt so much better very quickly. “I think about food completely differently now. Before I was eating too much sugar.”

Christy recently won an award at Inverclyde’s business awards Bee’s Knees for her business Lose it and Love It, which has gone global. The Kilmacolm mum-of-three has attracted clients from as far away as Dubai.