Surprised at how easy it has been

“Everyone said that the fat round my middle was part of ageing. I was unsure as I met many people of my age who had beautiful figures. I was disgusted with how I looked and wanted my waist back. A friend told me about Lose it and Love it, which had been featured in her local paper, so I went onto the Webb page and was interested in what I read. I contacted Christy and gave her all my details. She was confident I could reduce weight using her nutritious eating plan. I did not share Christy’s confidence as my experience of reducing weight involved being hungry and even then my efforts were not greatly rewarded. I followed the eating plan and was surprised at how much food I was eating. My husband (who does not need to lose weight) shared the evening meals with me and he, like me, enjoyed the food. The food filled me up but did not make me feel heavy. I weigh myself every day and to my surprise my weight slowly started to reduce. After three weeks I felt I was experiencing something unusual. I had given up my after dinner chocolate and was feeling lighter was never hungry and my energy levels were good. I was impressed and very encouraged.
During the six week plan I came across the occasional food I did not like plus I had a few nights away at a hotel so needed support. Christy was happy for me to email her when I had any difficulties and was always quick to reply guiding me on what alternative food I should eat so that was invaluable. I am now at the end of the six weeks and am lighter than I have been for decades having lost a stone in weight and my fat round my middle has greatly reduced. I have also discovered my cholesterol has lowered which along with the weight loss is like a miracle has taken place. I am amazed and surprised at how easy it has been and without ever being hungry. The support from Christy was key to my success as she was following everything I ate, giving me support when it was needed and gave me very welcome encouragement.”