I feel like me again

As a fitness instructor, I have always strived to have a healthy balance to exercise and food. But last year, I was admitted to hospital with abdominal pains and after exploratory surgery, I woke with the news that they had removed half my bowel and that they were sure I had bowel cancer. Fortunately for me, they misdiagnosed and told me I had diverticulitis disease.

It took me 6 months to get back to some level of health & fitness but I really struggled with my return to training and diet due to my condition & intolerances.

After speaking with a friend who had used Christy in the past I decided to give her a call.& it was just what the doctor ordered.

Right away she could tell me that I wasn’t eating enough for the number of calories I was burning or eating the right things to fuel my body.

Christy worked out a healthy eating plan, taking into consideration my food tolerances & condition. She even increased my calorie intake!!!!

Now I feel more energized, I can teach my classes, weight train without hitting that brick wall.

I feel like me again!!!!

So thank you, Christy, for pointing me back in the right direction, your support & encouragement has been second to none. You are one in a million xxx

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