I live in Qatar so online support appealed to me

“I was looking for some support with losing weight and found Christy by an internet search.  I live in Qatar and so the idea of some online support appealed to me.  At the time I was training for the Paris marathon – but don’t be fooled into thinking in a super fit athlete.  I’m an ordinary runner who is carrying way too much weight than is good for me and I want to slim down.
Christy’s plan is great.  She’s super helpful and supportive.  The plan she created for me focuses on what I like to eat and how to make it healthier and better for me.  Even my kids like most of it – especially the turkey meatballs!  Not being local isn’t a problem.  We do my sessions on the phone and whenever I need some guidance I can WhatsApp or contact Christy (and the other members of the gang) on Facebook.
Christy doesn’t focus on what you can’t do but rather what you can do – which is great.”