Your Questions Answered

Is Lose It and Love It a fad diet?

No. absolutely not, Lose It and Love It is a lifestyle change, focussing on nutrition, educating clients on how to eat whole foods, cutting processed foods and sugar from their diet. Going back to basics and keeping it really simple.

What makes this different to other diets?

A lot of diets involve cutting entire food groups, some push low fat branded products that are laden with sugar, some involve fasting days or meal replacement drinks, the list is endless. What I promote is nutrition, focusing on a balanced diet of all the key macronutrients and micronutrients this will ensure you are consuming all the right foods each day to promote a healthy body and mind. You will be re-educated on what foods you should be consuming and the foods you should be avoiding. My personalised meal plans, consist of plenty of fresh fruit, veg and healthy fats. What makes this plan work is the one to one support you will receive. I am 100% committed to you making this lifestyle change as easy as possible, I’m there for the days that you are struggling and want to give up.  I offer coaching and mentoring for people with long term weight issues, focusing on food addiction and emotional eating. For some people weight loss can be so much more than just their diet, so for me, it’s important that the support you receive is right for you.

Will I have to give up completely on the food I love?

If your diet is full of processed foods, refined carbohydrates and calorie dense treats, then yes you will need to revaluate your current diet, this will give you the opportunity to introduce lots of new foods to your diet, most of which will become your new favourite foods. I encourage all my clients to be good 80% of the time and to have a treat every so often, this will help you stick to this lifestyle change forever.

How long are the programmes?

I offer various plans from 4 weeks to 12 weeks, however, please contact me directly for a bespoke package to suit your own personal requirements.

Is there a wraparound service if I feel I still need support at the end?

I offer wraparound support for clients who may not be 100% confident to go it alone at the end of the programme. My goal is to ensure my clients have created new positive eating habits and are armed with enough nutritional knowledge to make the right food choices for life.

Do you offer a couple’s package?

Yes. A joint package is fantastic, when both of you choose to undertake a healthier lifestyle, learn at the same time, and follow the meal plans then you are both more likely to stick to it.

How much weight will I lose a week?

How long is a piece of string? Everyone losses weight at different rates. As a rule, you will lose a few pounds in the first couple of weeks then level out to one to two pounds a week, this will depend on your level of activity and how well you stick to the plan. I supply all clients with a weight and measurement tracker which will allow me to calculate and monitor body fat %, track your BMI to ensure you are on track each week.

Can the programme be done on line?

All programmes can be completed online, with sessions completed by phone. All forms and questionnaires can be filled out online, so no need to print anything off. All you need is the most recent PDF reader which can be easily downloaded for free online.

Is it easy to follow if I eat out a lot?

Eating out is part of life, I will educate you on how to make eating out, fit into this lifestyle by arming you with lots of top tips and meal choices to stop you from undoing all your hard work.

I have followed lots of plans, but put the weight back on quickly?

The trouble with most diets is that you view it as a temporary thing. You are on a diet for say 6 weeks, you follow it, you eat the foods and meals they suggest then you STOP the diet!! With Lose It and Love It you follow this plan forever, it is 100% a lifestyle change and my goal is to ensure at the end of this you will be armed with the tools to follow this way of eating for lasting changes. When you feel the benefits of eating nutritious foods every day you will not want to go back to your old ways.

Do I need to live in the UK to complete your plan?

No, I’m currently supporting and coaching clients globally. This can be done via Skype or telephone.

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